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Strong Foundation Inc. is a drilling and piling company with its head office located in Vaughan, Ontario. Founded in 2003, by president and owner, Kevin O’Neill, along with his wife and General Manager, Andrea O’Neill, Strong Foundation has been successfully providing service throughout Canada for over 10 years.

Kevin O’Neill has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and both he and Andrea are dedicated in all aspects of the daily operations of Strong Foundation Inc. With Kevin O’Neill’s experience and the experience and support of a dedicated team, Strong Foundation Inc. has remained a competitive and profitable organization.

Strong Foundation Inc. employs qualified and professional personal with vast experience. Strong Foundation Inc.’s expertise includes a wide variety of services which includes drilling cast-in-place concrete piles, underpinning, shoring, soldier piles and lagging, tieback and rock anchors, shot Crete, low-headroom drilling, micro piling, pile driving installation of timber piles, steel pipe piles, steel H piles, and sheet piles and CWB welding services. We have extensive experience in drilling, piling and earth retention systems. We offer various types and sizes of drilled straight shaft and belled caissons. Strong Foundation Inc. has an advantage of versatility when installing earth retention systems, with drilling and pile driving, as we can incorporate either our drilling or driving units. Strong Foundation Inc. has innovation equipment and expertise necessary to undertake the many challenging foundation projects.


Our Mission

Strong Foundation Inc. built its reputation on the motto “Everything starts with a Strong Foundation.” This motto is instilled in every aspect of Strong Foundation Inc.’s organization, from their infrastructure to their safety and workmanship. Strong Foundation Inc. believes that an aggressive and profitable operation results in a strong company both financially and competitively. It is their believe also, that everything possible must be done to satisfy their customers, by providing them with first class workmanship at a competitive price and by achieving excellence in health, safety and the environment.

One of our greatest resources is our employees. It is our employee’s commitment to exceed, where possible, in their performance both on and off the job, which contributes to our organizations continuing success. Strong Foundation Inc. has a dedicated and highly experienced team which strives for excellence in all aspects of our day to day operations. With a record of accomplishments that include many successful projects our company has continued to grow and expand their technology as well as their geographically reach. Through the efforts of top quality people, a dedication to providing superior services and performance, and a tireless commitment to safety, Strong Foundation Inc. is a dynamic and progressive company with a strong and bright future.

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