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Caissons, also known as drilled cast-in-place concrete piles, are used when shallow foundations such as strip footings are not viable due to poor soil conditions.  Caissons carry structural loads down through poor soils to competent, load bearing soils or rock.  We drill and install caissons up to 2.7 meters in diameter, and to various depths.  Our equipment is capable of drilling through bedrock as well, in the event that high structural loads require that the caissons be socketed in bedrock.
Underpinning is the process by which existing footings are strengthened or braced to mitigate or prevent settlement.  Underpinning is also used when an adjacent excavation will be carried below a nearby existing building’s footings.  We provide a full-range of cost-effective underpinning solutions.
Soldier piles and lagging
This is the most common method of bracing an excavation when open cuts are not viable.  This type of shoring involves vertical steel members with wooden boards in placed in between to support the soil adjacent to an excavation face.
Caisson wall
This is the most reliable method of shoring an excavation/soil face and in some cases is the only acceptable type of shoring allowed.  Caisson walls allow very little horizontal and vertical soil movement, ensuring that existing buildings next to an excavation are properly supported and are not damaged by construction activities.  In downtown Toronto, caisson walls are almost exclusively the only method of shoring used.  Caisson walls are continuous concrete walls constructed of interlocking vertical concrete piles.  They are relatively impermeable and minimize the flow of groundwater into a construction site.
Tiebacks and rock anchors
Tiebacks, also known as soil anchors, and rock anchors are used to support retaining walls, shoring walls, and rock cuts.  We have a wide range of horizontal drilling equipment to facilitate our clients’ needs, schedule, and site constraints.
Shotcrete is used to protect open rock faces from degradation, and to add cohesion to the face.  We are able to do shotcrete on its own, or in combination with the other services we provide.
Low-headroom drilling
We are able to drill piles in very tight spaces, including inside of buildings and underneath of overhanging structures (i.e. bridges, wires) through the use of excavator-mounted drilling attachments.  We can help you overcome your construction site’s small space constraints and get the project done.
Micropiles are small-diameter cast-in-place concrete piles with a central steel member.  Micropiles work in both tension and compression, and are a good solution for new foundations as well as for underpinning older buildings.  Strong Foundation has special drilling equipment designed for the drilling and installation of micropiles.
Driven Piles
We can drive conventional steel piles, pipe piles, and sheet piles, depending on what your needs are.

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